Sunday, October 16, 2011

Old Fashioned Popcorn

17 years ago we got an "old fashioned" popcorn popper for a wedding gift.

It used to be our tradition . .  .before kids . . .that we ate popcorn every Sunday night.

It was delicious!

The popcorn popper came with a popcorn recipe book!

We'd get so excited -- we'd thumb through the small book and find a new popcorn seasoning to make!

Doesn't that sound so fun!??!

It's been a couple of years since we've even used the popcorn popper, but the other day we decided we'd get it out and have some fun!

And fun we had!

First, we had to go to 3 stores to even find popcorn -- like the kernel kind!  You know, the kind that can't go in the microwave!

The cherubs have had more fun standing at the stove and cranking the handle and waiting to hear the pop!

We've made:
  • B.B.Q flavored
  • Italian flavored
  • Sweet and Crunch (like Kettle corn)
  • and just plain buttered
Now, we have the popcorn maker at the front of the cabinet so we can pop some corn anytime we want!

It's a great snack . . .
or Sunday night dinner!

If you're interested in getting an "old fashioned" popcorn popper -- a company called Whirly Pop makes them.  You can find them in stores such as Target, Dillard's, Kitchen stores, or On-line.  I believe it costs around $25.00

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