Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Inside Out S'More

How many things can you sit around and think about?


My cherub talked me into buying the new "flat" marshmallows for a project she wants to make.

Great!  I'll make a project too!

Inside-Out S'mores!

Kind of a hassle, but fun to give to friends, or pack in a lunch box, or just say you made it!

Inside-Out S'mores

Graham crackers
"Stacker Mallows" (flat marshmallows) from Jet-Puff
white or chocolate almond bark

Break a graham cracker in half. 

Melt one or two "cubes" of the almond bark.

Take 2 stacker mallows and dab a bit of almond bark on each one and lay them side by side on 1/2 of a graham cracker.  Smear a bit more almond bark on the top of the marshmallows and place the other 1/2 of the cracker on top.  Allow the chocolate to set before dipping.

Melt the remaining almond bark in a bowl.  You want to be able to dip the crackers in and submerge and turn them to get them evenly coated.

Lay the dipped crackers on wax paper and decorate with sprinkles, if desired.

Allow the almond bark to set up before serving!  If you're really in a rush, you can put the treats in the 'frig until the coating hardens!

***Because of the size of the marshmallows, I really think you can break a sheet of graham crackers into 1/4's and make 2 smaller, rectangled-size s'mores, rather than the larger square.

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