Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bread Winner!

I've said it before . . .

I am not ashamed . . .

L.O.V.E bread!

I love to make bread -- but that's not the only way to have "good" bread!  You can find some great breads at a local bakery or the deli section of your grocery store . . .

or in the freezer section!

That's right!  The freezer section!

I love these rolls:
You can bake them off and serve them hot, which, by the way, melts your butter just perfectly!  Or, if you need to, you can thaw them out in the bag and dump them into your serving bowl and serve them room temperature.

Which is exactly what I did today!

They are great!  They're moist.  They're tasty. 

And the best part of all -- they're easy!

Right now, I've got 2 thawing out and I'm going to make my cherubs little grilled chicken sliders for their lunch tomorrow! 

That's lunch-box envy, don't you think?

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