Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Table

For my birthday this year, my mom gave me this beautiful sign.

A friend that she works with made it!
It's on an old cabinet door -- it weights a ton!

I was so excited for the holiday season to come around so that I could put
it on my dining room tablescape!

That's why we have a dining room table -- to decorate, not to eat at!
Matter of fact, sad truth is, we haven't sat at this table in 2 years!


Look at all the stuff on the table -- it'd be such a hassle to move!
So instead, we just decorate it every season and look at it!

I just LOVE this sign and knowing me I'll be using it in different ways all throughout
the year -- not just at Christmas!

My great grandmother simply loved birds, especially cardinals.
I remember as a young girl, going to her house and in her backyard were
lots and lots of bird feeders and we'd watch the cardinals peck away at the food.

My grandmother has been in heaven for nearly 25 years, and I think of Grandmother often,
but never is there a time that I see a cardinalthat I don't think of how wonderful she was!

In honor of Grandmother, I have several cardinals that I put out during the winter months
and thanks to her, I have "be-u-te-ful" winter cardinal dishes too!

I also love my nativity.  My mom and dad gave this nativity to me for our first Christmas
that the Mr. and I were married.

I usually separate out the pieces, because I'm weird that way.
This year, I decided to use only the Shepherd boy and some of the cows.

I really like the Shepherd boy. 
He's one of my favorites.

Back to the piece that caused me to post today --
the Christmas door.

Denise makes these signs.
She's very creative!
You can look at her creative and amazing blog
 .  . . and if you're wanting your very own
special cabinet door, you can order from her!

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  1. Ok now thats the cardinal I am looking for. I love all of it. It makes me want to separate my nativity scene. Mine is all together in the manger. Imagine that? heheh I love the cabinet door too. I really need to get on your moms Christmas list! Julie :)