Tuesday, November 1, 2011


My cherub and his friend, Coleman.
My cherub went to the Fall festival
as a middle schooler . .  . creative!
Our little friend went as a "plain cowboy."
"Plain Cowboy" is 5 years old!

There you go!
My cherub and her friend;
"plain cowboy's" big sister!

My cherub has worn this skeleton outfit since
she made it in kindergarten!
I'm going to say that this was the last
year of sporting it out in public!

Her friend was "Princess Elizabeth."
Elizabeth isn't her name  . . .but she
said if she were a Princess, then she'd
be "Elizabeth!" 

After the Fall Festival at church
we came home and changed into different
costumes and went trick-or-treating
in the neighborhood!

Someone asked my cherub if she
was a housewife!
"No, I'm a girl who just got up!"

Walking down the sidewalk, my cherub
said, "I don't even know what a housewife is!"

My cherub stuffed his check full of
sunflower seeds . . .see?

You may wonder why we change clothes?
Because this momma has carried
pieces of "must have" costumes
around one-to-many Fall Festivals
in my lifetime. 

My rule is this:
"if you won't wear it, I won't carry it."
So for many years now, my cherubs have
just worn something fun and easy to
romp around on those bounce houses.

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