Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Nice Surprise

Every year we I send out Christmas cards.

Ummm, that's not exactly the truth anymore.

Let me re-phrase:

I now send out e-Christmas cards.

We I started doing this 2 years ago.

I figured up exactly how much time and money we were spending on sending out cards and I decided we could do more with the money.

Like give it to ministry.

So we've started a new family tradition.

The e-Christmas card goes out
and the money and time goes to a ministry that our family chooses.

It's great.

It's freeing.

It's a blessing -- really!

But here's what happened this week.

A nice little surprise was in our mail box.

I looked at the return address and thought,
"Oh, I bet Heather has sent a New Year's card."

That's the kind of envelope it was in.

I opened it and found this:

"Thank you so much for sharing your 2011 Christmas greetings with us!

We prayed for your family this week.

'In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us, and sent His son as the atoning sacrifice for our sins.'  I John 4:10

May you know the constant peace of His presence in 2012.

Love, . . "

They had their names and ages . . .well, the ages of the kids, not the parents!

It was such a nice surprise to read that!

I saw her and asked her permission to share it with you -- not as my idea, but as hers!  She said she saw it from someone else several years ago and adopted the idea!

I think it's great!

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