Monday, January 16, 2012

1,800 and something Days . . .

Our cherub, with her favorite baby in all the world; Gabby Grace

Today, our girl cherub turns 10!
It's been a Birthday-Palooza all weekend!

She has opened presents for 3 days straight!

Last night, she crawled into bed with us and said,
"In 12 hours I'll turn 10!"

"Oh baby, I know .  .  .won't that be fun!"  I said to her.

"Yeah.  But guess what, in 1,800 in something days, I'll be able to drive a car!"


"Yeah, mom.  Just doing some math in my head; in 6 years, that's  a little more than 1,800 days, I'll be driving!"


"Yeah!"  my sweet, 9 year old cherub says . .  .

"MR!  Did you hear what she just said?"
"Uh huh.  I'm ignoring it!"

So goes the ways of the daddy!  The Mr. thinks if he ignores it -- maybe it won't happen!
But guess what!  She speaks the truth!
But, in my quiet place today, I got out the calculator to see if she's right!

Thank goodness, those were big numbers to multiply. . .

there are 2,190 days until she drives!

Whew!  I have a few extra days!

Our cherub, wearing some new birthday clothes!

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  1. Happy birthday to my cherub's best friend! I guess she will be driving my cherub around. Oh my, I don't even want to think that far ahead. Hope she had a wonderful day!
    Love you guys! J