Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Salad in a Jar

Pinterest is the "in" thing!

Everybody, who's anybody, is on Pinterest!

I'm a nobody.

I'm not on Pinterest.

Well, yes I am.

I'm a ghost pinner.

That's right, a ghost pinner.

My mom is on Pinterest.

She had followers.

She had NO pins . . .

NO bulletin boards . . .

NO repins . . .


So in an effort to keep her cool and her followers intrigued, I've started pinning for her!

It's great!

She's looking cool and I'm seeing some neat things!

Like the salad in a jar.

Not my idea, but I sure thought it was clever.

So I tried it.

That's right.

Made my salad right in the jar.

It was great.

Actually, my girl cherub tried it first and she really thought it was great.

I couldn't let her have a great experience by herself, so I tried it too.

It was great.

Here's the concept.

Use a mason jar, with a lid, and make your salad upside down.

Just pack your ingredients right in the jar -- starting with the dressing. 

This part is hard.  I didn't want to "need" more dressing, but I didn't want too much!

Then I put the yellow peppers and onions and carrots in the dressing -- so they could marinate.

Then I added chopped chicken and topped it with chopped tomatoes and any other wet-ish ingredients.

Sprinkled some feta cheese on that and finished it with chopped lettuce.

Put the lid on tight and carried it for lunch!

Either  a  l-o-n-g fork or a plate to dump it out on would be nice to have!

I made it through lunch without either of those and I was rather happy with my experience!

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  1. It is all making sense. I thought Mimi sure is wanting some cool looking clothes! Kilie Mason