Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Lamb and Cross Sugar Cookies

I love making decorated sugar cookies. 

They're cute.  Not mine, I mean other people's sugar cookies are cute-- so I think I can do it too!

They taste good.  I do like my sugar cookies.  They're yummy!

It takes a lot of time to make decorated sugar cookies --  and it helps to be art-sy; which I'm not, which is where the problem lies!

In the end, who cares what they look like -- you're just going to gobble them up!  So taste is really what matters, right?

Here's 2 of my "Easter Cookies!"  By the time Easter celebration gets here, I might have them all done!

Some of these I kinda like . . .other's I really like! 

But you don't know what you really like until you try all of your options-- that's why I'm showing you the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Our favorite little lamb. 

I used white sparkling sugar crystals instead of the nonpareils as above.

See the crack?  That means I had to eat it!

My two cherub have this one as their favorite cross cookie.

Found these little boxes on clearance . . .bought them all!  That'd be one whole
package of cute boxes I bought!  Bummer!  Wish there had been more!

I'm working on cracked eggs, carrots, and one lonely butterfly!

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