Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Frozen Lemonade at Home

With the beautiful weather outside, doesn't it make you excited for planting new pots of flowers for your porch, grilling delicious hamburgers, and drinking cool and refreshing drinks?  I love this time of the year; everything is so "new" and right now even watering the flowers is fun!

When the weather starts being perfect, I start thinking about those recipes that I love and wanting to try new conncoctions and this recipe is one of those treats!
I love frozen lemonade.  It's zippy and tangy and a party for the taste buds.  But why is it that we tend to only have these treats at theme parks?  Let's have them at home too!

Here's my version of frozen lemonade.  It's not sugar free, but it is fat free and it's filled with whole fruit and it's much cheaper!

Frozen Fruit Lemonade

3 TBSP frozen yellow lemonade
1 cup of frozen fruit*

Using a blender or an immersions blender, place 3 TBSP of the frozen lemonade and 1 cup (or more if you want!) of frozen fruit in the appropriate container.  Blend until well mixed.

Pour into a cup and enjoy! 

Yep!  It's that easy! 

Obviously, 1 can of lemonade will make several treats.  You can make one treat at a time or the whole thing -- just add the fruit accordingly.  I store remaining frozen lemonade in the refrigerator, covered.  Which, means it's no longer "frozen lemonade" -- but your frozen fruit will make it thick and yummy!

*So far, I've used frozen mangos (my favorite so far) and dark cherries.  I'll be trying a strawberry/banana/mango blend and blackberries next!

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