Friday, June 1, 2012

Cowboy Nachos

What do you call something when you make it up?

It's the hardest thing to name something!

Take your child, for example . . .remember how you thought about it; wrote it out; said it out loud; thought of other children with the same name . . . and changed the name of your child?

Well, now just think about that same process, but for a recipe!

It's so stressful!

This recipe is made up . . .according to me!

I cooked a pork loin the other night.

Which means leftovers.

Days of left overs!

I try to make our left overs not look like left overs.

Because I don't like left overs.

So when they look different, my mind is fooled.

It's a great trick I play on myself!

On day number three of still having pork loin -- I came up with this little treat.

We were all pleased.

As in "All!"

What's great; if you need this to be gluten free, just use your gluten free foods!  It's that easy!

Cowboy Nachos

1 package frozen waffle fries
BBQ seasoning
BBQ pork, left overs
chopped onion
shredded cheddar cheese
chopped dill pickles
cole slaw, left over, and well drained
BBQ sauce

Place the waffle fries on a foil lined baking pan and sprinkle generously with BBQ seasoning.  If you don't have that spice, just go with some salt and pepper.  No big deal!

The last 5 remaining minutes of fry cooking time, add the desired amount of chopped onions and left over chopped BBQ pork.

Heat thoroughly.

Once the meat is steaming hot, sprinkle lightly . . .or heavily, with the shredded cheddar cheese.

Return the pan to the oven and melt the cheese.

Remove from the oven and top the cheese with the chopped pickles and the cole slaw.  Drizzle the whole thing with BBQ sauce and serve immediately!

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