Thursday, February 3, 2011

Inside Game Day!

YEAH!  We've had another snow day! 

These are things we love about snow days!

  • No school (or homework) (This was from Jackson!)
  • Being with my parents (This was from MadisonGrace!)
  • Staying up late
  • Waking up without an alarm clock
  • Not prepared to do "big" projects at home
  • Playing games with family
  • No schedule
  • Having a break in the routine
  • P.J.'s
  • Watching the news to see our school scroll across the bottom
We are a game playing family and we have several that are our favorites!  But Krazy Bee Rummy is tops at our house!  This game has 14 steps and is easy to start and stop depending on what's going on.  It'll drive you crazy when you get stuck and you're lovin' it when you're the first to lay down and you skunk everyone else!  It's a game that causes a real "love/hate" relationship!  We've had this game for more than 25 years and a man from Midwest City, OK created it.  Last time I checked, you could still order it!  I'm posting the info just in case any of you are looking for a new game.  Some have told us this is like Phase 10 -- but I'm sure this is better -- this is Krazy Bee Rummy!

To order the game, contact B & B Games, Inc., P.O. Box 10361, Midwest City, OK 73140

I would have posted some pictures of what we did today -- but we're all in the same jammies from yesterday  . . .and the day before . . . and I didn't want you all to get confused about what day it is -- like I am!

OK -- so after I posted, we played another family fav; it's called "Wahoo!"  It's a dice and marble game and you move around a board and try to get in your home.  It would remind you of Trouble -- kind of, but way more fun because it's "Wahoo!"  Think how many times you can say that while playing the game!  It's an old game that's been around forever!  I know  there are real boards you can buy, but we have our board, thanks to my dad! 

One Christmas, my dad made "Wahoo" boards for everyone!  It was a perfect Christmas gift!  During December, I'd call home to talk to my parents and I'd ask my mom, "What's dad doin'?"  She'd say, "He's down in the shop makin' your Christmas present!"  It became a running joke that whole month!  I couldn't imagine what my dad was drummin' up for me that year . . .but I was thrilled to see a game board instead of a microwave cart, or something like that!  Now, that tells you how long ago my dad did this!  Anyway, the hours he spent making the boards have given us more fun than we can imagine!  Thanks, Dad!  I love you!

Our Wahoo board from dad!

YEAH!  Dad didn't roll a "2"

"Yes!"  We sent dad home!
Snowy days and games is where it's at!  Wahoo!

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