Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kitchen Work made Easy.

Is there such truth to that?  "Kitchen work made easy?"  I may be a slow learner -- but once I get it, I'm there!  It dawned on my some time ago and I had this little conversation with myself. 

  • "Self, why are you always chopping onion everyday?  I mean, Every Day!  Wouldn't it make sense to chop like a whole onion at one time and put it in a container with a lid so that it's done and it won't smell in the fridge?" 
  • "Self, you are SO smart!  What a great idea!  It makes the same mess whether you chop a bit of onion or a whole onion.  So, knock yourself out and go wild -- chop the whole darn thing!"
  • "OK -- let's see what I can put this onion in.  No, not that -- or that.  Oh, I need it to be something that will be 'the onion bowl' so that whenever I see it in the fridge, I know that's what it is -- and I don't have to always open the thing to say, 'oh!  that's the chopped onion!'"
  • "Girl -- you are SO smart!"

Seriously, this was my conversation!  So, I've kept up with it.  Matter of fact, I'm even getting really wild -- I'm chopping 2 onions at a time and stuffing them in the bowl.  Do you know how wonderful it is when I'm cooking to just find that bowl and throw in some already chopped onion to the recipe!  It is wonderful!  Really!  It's been life-changing in the kitchen!

If you're not already doing this; find yourself an "onion bowl" and chop the whole darn thing - you're going to love yourself tomorrow!

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