Monday, February 21, 2011

Artist in the Making

The other day, after making all of the decorated sugar cookies, my little cherub asked if she could have the left-over icing.  She had a plan . . .

 . . .she wanted to practice with the icing!  I showed her how to twist the bag and hold it tight as she squeezed out the icing.  She started practicing on a piece of paper; writing and drawing scribbles and swirls. 

She worked long . . .filling up the entire piece of paper with her creativity!  I think this is only the beginning!

Here was my lesson:  I was so ready to clean things up.  I had worked several hours on the cookies and when you frost cookies, your kitchen has the potential of looking like an F1 tornado swirled through. But she wanted to "extend" the mess by using the left-over frosting for a craft project, as she called it!  Much to my dismay, I gave in and gave her a bag to use.   . . .and guess what happened!  There are 3 things that come to mind:
  1. She had a great time
  2. I got to show her how to use an icing bag
  3. We got to talk as I cleaned up the kitchen and she crafted

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