Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Marshmallow Pops!

My littlest cherub went for the homemade Valentine treat this year!  I was glad to help her do something different.  As you know, I'm not real found of the little Valentine cards that kids 'get' to sign and pass to their friends!  She decided on marshmallow pops! 

This is a very easy treat to make.  The throw together relatively quick and they are cute when wrapped individually.  I always make extra and give her a little surprise in her lunch box!  After all, what are moms for?

In case you're wondering why am I still talking about Valentine's Day -- which is so "yesterday!" -- this is a great treat for any reason!
Marshmallow Pops

Jet-puffed marshmallows, regular size
small sucker sticks (found at your local craft store)
almond bark, white or chocolate
cellophane bags

Place your stick in the center of the marshmallow, pushing all the way down,
but not through the marshmallow.  If you're really crazy, you can put 2 on a stick!

Melt your almond bark in a microwave safe bowl, stirring often, making sure
not to burn your chocolate.  Dip each marshmallow in the mixture, being
sure to cover the entire marshmallow.  Tap off excess chocolate.

Place sprinkles in a bowl or plate.  Creatively roll the wet chocolate covered
marshmallow artistically in the sprinkles.

Hold the marshmallow for a few seconds to allow the chocolate to set a bit.
Place dipped and rolled marshmallows on wax paper (or foil!).  Allow to dry completely.

Bag your treat and tie with a ribbon.  I found this cute ribbon at Michael's.
I thought it was perfect for this Valentine treat!

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