Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Boxes

Do you remember when you where in elementary school and you would make your Valentine card box out of an empty tissue box?  We all had the same size box.  We could either wrap the box in red or white paper.  We could use a dolli or two and you had to cut your hearts out of construction paper.  There wasn't much "personalizing" back then.  It was done in class so that we could each stuff our little Valentine cards into the "X" opening on top.

Now days there is no decorating the little tissue boxes during class!  Oh no!  It's all out "Valentine War!"  Kids are sent home with the note to make a box at home and bring to school!  You know what that means!  Mommas across the country are pulling out their hot glue guns and getting crafty!  We are no longer reduced to a small, square tissue box . . .the world is now our canvas for the coveted prized of best decorated Valentine box!

The thought of this stressed me out when my little cherubs where in kindergarten!  Matter of fact, I don't even remember what  we, umm, he did that year.  But then I got smart!  I figured out that the teacher didn't really care what the box looked like -- as long as there was a box sitting on each desk when it came time to pass out those ridiculous Valentine's cards.  So, I got smart!  I had a cherub in kindergarten and one in third grade; that meant I had 2 boxes to make that year!  I decided we would recycle!  We spent time coming up with a plan . . .and a good plan . . .because this was going to be THE Valentine box that would be used from year to year!  They had to like it! 

My oldest cherub is in middle school and his box is now in the top of his closet holding baseball cards!  Which, I might add, is better than those ridiculous little Valentine's cards!  I'll scale a chair in a bit and post a picture of it for you!

My youngest cherub is still in elementary and gets to take her decorated box!  Lucky us!  Dad went into the attic and rummaged through the boxes and got it down!  We fluffed the handle and called it good!  I thought maybe some of you might like to ease your pain this year!  Make it once and use again, and again, and again! 

My camera-shy, reserved daughter showing her bucket!

For the Bucket:

1 - 5 gallon ice cream bucket
enough fabric to go around the bucket
scrap fabric, torn into strips
lettering, if desired

Clean the bucket.  Using Aleene's Tacky Glue, or other fabric glue,  paint a thin layer of glue all over the bucket.  Place fabric directly beneath the lip of the bucket, smoothing out bubbles and folding the edge under where your seam meet.  Glue the seam down with extra glue.  Smooth the remaining fabric underneath the bottom of the bucket. 

Take your ribbon and glue on top of the fabric, just under the lip of the bucket.

Using the strips of fabric that you tore, tie them in knots around the handle.

Glue the lettering on, if desired!

Umm -- you can tell by the directions that crafting isn't really my forte!  This is obviously a simple project (because I came up with it by myself!), now that you see the finished project, feel free to do it "right!"  If you can write better directions than me, I'd be thrilled to post them!

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