Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What We're Doing on Our Snow Day!

There is something great about getting a snow day!  I'm as bad as the kids when it comes to sitting in front of the T.V. watching the school closing scroll across!  The thrill and excitement when you know you're out!  Of course, we knew early this morning that we'd all have a day at home . . .bummer, if only we could have slept in too!

So!  What do you think the kids have been doing?  Taking this day to log some reading minutes or get some extra studying for the big history test?  One would think our little cherubs would be glued to their books  . . .
A little Wii competition! 

And since it's too cold to go outside -- they've improvised!  Jackson's remote control car that he got for Christmas is whiz-bang!  It goes over all terrain!  Snow, ice, water, and dirt! 

MadisonGrace controlled the car
from inside . . .where it is warm!

While Jackson HAD to go out and take care
of the car when it got stuck!
 (In his cute little jammies!)

With us all home and having a relaxing day, dad decides to do his Saturday breakfast for us on Tuesday!  What a treat!  Not only does he cook, but he cleans too!  It's great!  A warm cup of coffee, eggs, homemade biscuits, and some perfectly cooked bacon.  I think I could get used to this!  Wonder what he's cooking for dinner?

Mind you, all of this happened BEFORE 9:00 this morning . . .even the clean kitchen!                          

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