Monday, February 14, 2011

. . .Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

So, here it is, VALENTINE'S Day!  Whew!  I've made it through waking the kids up singing a happy love song, giving them their little Valentine's treat AND a school party!  It's been a rather un-eventful day!  HA! 

These were the darling cookies that I baked earlier last week and froze so that I could have them all cooled when it was time to frost!  I spent hours yesterday in the kitchen making frosting and tinting frosting and cleaning up my mess . . .well, sort of!  More hours of putting a layer of frosting on . . . waiting.  Another layer of frosting . . . waiting!  Another . . .well, you get the picture! 

I saw this idea on a couple of other site!  It's kind of like giving out thank you's -- as soon as you start, there is someone that you leave out!  I'm not trying to short-change any of the creative minds, but if I got this idea from you -- Thanks!  I know I saw it on Sugar Sweet Belle's site! 

For the pictures -- because that's what we really want to see, isn't it!

Wild Love Hearts!

Each teacher got a small cookie!  As in each teacher -- like even my son
said I could send them to all of his teachers! 

Little Love Bugs!
And they taste good too!

Using my favorite sugar cookie dough that mixes in a food processor, rolling the dough out to 3/8" thick, baking the cookies to just barely done -- made for a very soft cookie after adding the royal icing!  About royal icing -- I buy the meringue powder and follow the directions.  I prefer to tint with the AmeriColor gel paste, which I purchase from a cake supply store.  The website is  Perhaps it's a good place to start looking.

Hope your day was great!

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