Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cutie Pies!

These snow days can be dangerous!  It's so fun to get in the kitchen and try something new . . . as in, "eat" something new!  After all, one must sample the creation, right?  Today, I finished cutting out the sugar cookies and baking them off.  Once they cooled, I popped them in the freezer so that they would be out of the way until I was ready to frost them this weekend!  I think my cherubs will love a decorated cookie in their lunch box on Monday!  Especially my boy . . .when he pulls out his treat at the lunch table and it says, "love you!" in big white letters!  Knowing him, he will "accidentally" drop it so that it crumbles and no one will ever see my love and admiration for him!  Oh, to be in 6th grade!  How embarrassing . . .to have a mom who loves you AND who makes you homemade cookies! 

While I had the heart-shaped cookie cutter out, I grabbed the refrigerated pie crust that I've had stashed in my, well, "refrigerator" . . .since it's part of the name!  I had an idea of making little "cutie pies!"  I cut the dough with my smallest cutter and ended up with 18 hearts.  This will make 9 little pies.  Oh heck!  I'll stop talking and let you see the pics! 

Little dough cut-outs.

1/2 of tsp. of filling . . .remember, they're small!

Moisten the bottom of the top crust with a smidgen of water and press the two
pieces together.  Using a fork and let your little helper crimp the edges, sealing
in all of the yummy goodness!

Drizzle with some chocolate or powdered sugar glaze and let it set.  Don't let
it set forever, just long enough to dry to the touch and then enjoy your
hand-held cutie pie!

Not everything I try do we like!  While this sounded great . . . and I thought the filling would be yummy, the finished product was a bit too much crust and not enough filling!  BUT!  Don't let that discourage you!  Honestly, that's why I didn't tell you what the filling was!  Here's what I'll do different next time.  First, I'd use a bigger cookie cutter so that I can add a little more filling.  Second, I'll use a canned fruit filling -- something like cherry or raspberry;  a filling that has a bit more substance to it.  My filling was too ooey-gooey when it baked.  Nonetheless, we had fun!

Later on, I'll make a post of what I did with the left-over pie crust scraps!  Now, this was a hit!

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